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Night Light | YouTube's New Sheriff in Town

Reed of the Week

In recent weeks we've talked a lot about the buzz surrounding AI and the creator economy, with some tools more useful than others. Last week, New Youtube CEO, Neal Mohan, announced some pretty interesting platform features that I think signal a shift to YouTube being more tech-driven in the future. AI tools like ChatGPT churn out scripts that are too generic to ever be used to make YouTube content or a television pilot and MidJourney still can't figure out how many fingers humans have. However, visual tools - like the ones YouTube plans to incorporate into the platform - is where AI has legitimate utility in the short-term.

I think one of the challenges that aspiring YouTubers face early on is the transition from making basic videos to more highly produced ones. In a time where young creators are spending very little per video and bigger channels are spending millions, there's an opportunity for AI to bridge the gap. This is where the tools that Mohan discussed come into play. If executed well, AI could be the answer to high production value without the high costs.

Creator News

Tyler Perry and Byron Allen exploring majority stake in BETMakes me wonder what TV network MrBeast would buy...

Markiplier, Drew Afualo close video podcast deals with SpotifyVideo podcasts are basically YouTube videos, but love to see Spotify competing for creators.

Can't Miss Clips

Clemson's new NIL buildingClemson Football Studios presents: First Chance U.

Neal Mohan talks YouTubeInteresting insight from the platform's new CEO.

TikTok Announces New Series FeatureUpload videos up to 20 minutes behind a paywall.

Business & Entrepreneurship

TikTok regulation looming over new bipartisan billMassive L for shortform explainer enthusiasts.

Former Apple exec launches Gamma with $1b in backingLove seeing increased emphasis on content creation in music.