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Night Light | YouTube's $100 Billion Miss

Reed of the Week

Alphabet's most recent earnings report was released late last week, and it included some surprising metrics about the health of YouTube's business: they missed on their Q4 revenue target and earnings were down 8% YoY. The stock price is also down over $100 Billion since then. I've been asked by people what I think this downturn means for creator earnings potential on the platform and I think it's important to remember a few factors that go into this. 

1. Non-monetized shorts viewership has cannibalized some of YouTube's monetized long-form viewership. YouTube has seen a small decline in long-form viewership in exchange for massive growth on Shorts in the past year. As YouTube rolls out monetization features for Shorts, Ad Revenue to creators should bounce back. 

2. YouTube is facing higher than ever competition from other digital distribution platforms.Creators who use a single channel - long form on YouTube in this case - may see lower earnings than in the past, but there's never been a better time to be an omni-channel content creator. 

3. In spite of the above, YouTube still remains the dominant form of digital content consumption. There's still no better place to build a content career than on YouTube, as it still sees significantly higher share of viewership among Gen Z audiences than any of its competitors. 

Creator News

Saweetie headlines in-game Roblox x Super Bowl concertThe citizens of Bloxburg have never seen a show like this. 

Tabasco and Tinx launch limited edition hot sauceSomething to spice up your dating life. 

Hasan Piker raises over $1 million for Earthquake reliefAmazing example of using your platform for the world's benefit. You can donate here

Can't Miss Clips

Pepsi getting roasted wasted $1M rebrandTaking a page out of MrBeast's book, but donating $1M to some creative agency.

Achieving perfect content-product fitThe ultimate investment in making your content better. 

David Dobrik's Snapchat content strategyWith revenue share like this, the food pays for itself. 

Business & Entrepreneurship

Hermes wins trademark battle with NFT artistInteresting ramifications on the future of digital token and crypto regulation. Something to watch in the next few months.

Jukebox brings retail investing to music royaltiesI like the idea of digital ownership coming with a degree of utility. 

Super Bowl ad sales slowed due to crypto economy downturnInteresting dynamic for legacy advertisers to be so reliant on Web3 tech in filling inventory.