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Reed of the Week

If you’ve been on the internet this week, you’ve seen clips of Pinkydoll and other NPC streamers flooding your TikTok live feeds. Everyone thought it was just another cringe trend, until they figured out people are making anywhere from $200 - $7,000 a day. Timbaland has been a top donor, Kai Cenat made $6K in an hour, and so far the trend has shown no signs of stopping.

Until this point, the biggest live streams on TikTok have been music events, and TikTok LIVE has always struggled to find its place among more established platforms like Twitch, Kick and YouTube. It goes against everything the platform stands for - quick hits of dopamine through swipe content. I think this latest trend might be what TikTok needed to be a live streaming contender.

With affiliate commissions, live shopping, and substantial money from TikTok LIVE, there’s never been a better time for creator monetization on TikTok.

Creator News

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