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What am I looking at here?

Has anyone been on TikTok Shop lately? It feels like SkyMall meets Temu. With nearly 200,000 sellers already, I’m seeing a mixture of creator products and Amazon 3rd party sellers taking advantage of how seamless selling is on the app. This Black Friday should give us a better picture of whether or not this feature will stick around (I’m looking at you Instagram and Facebook).

Top Sellers: Ryse Protein, BK Beauty Brushes, Limited Edition Dodgers PRIME

Let’s look at some numbers. The Information claims that in October users were spending $4M a day, with hopes to be at $10M a day by the end of the year. A few things come to mind in order for this to work:

📢 Buy-in from creators: Already I’m seeing PRIME, BK Beauty and RYSE do a good job of tapping into creators on the app. Whether its affiliate links, product reviews or actual creators promoting their products, TikTok needs to pair products with swipe content.

🎁 Quality products: Its crazy going through TikTok Shop because one second you’ll find sponges from the official Scrub Daddy account next to a “Funny Meme Tapestry” from a random account. Cheap, unlicensed products could hurt the shop’s reputation.

📈 Continued sales after Black Friday: There’s a lot of hype around pricing right now, and TikTok is subsidizing a ton of products creating crazy deals that can’t last forever.

It’s hard to tell if this will work out for TikTok, but the holiday season is going to be important to its longterm success. Amazon shoppers go to the app knowing what they want to buy, TikTok is perfect for browsing and finding deals from recommended content. Excited to see how it plays out.

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