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Reed of the Week

Aphmau and Unspeakable launch new juice brandThis week Aphmau and Unspeakable launched JuiceBlox, the new better-for-you juice brand that hit shelves in over 4,500 Walmarts nationwide. Alongside Feastables and other digital-native brands, JuiceBlox is the latest creator-centric product to hit traditional retail stores. We're noticing a growing trend among big retailers to dedicate more shelf space to similar products, and I think we'll see more contenders in 2023.

Historically, Walmart has centered its strategy on targeting rural areas with low competition. And while its heavy investment in the creator space may seem surprising on the surface, partnering with digital creators makes sense with how well communities invest in creator-led products. Brick-and-mortar stores are simply bridging the gap between demand from highly engaged communities and convenience. We often come back to this slide on how public attention is shifting from corporations to individuals and communities:

Corporations are simply keeping up with the trend.

Creator News

Kick is burning money to pay for Twitch's streaming service Definition of "yes you can copy my homework, just change it up a bit".

Dream and friends say goodbye to the DreamSMPA fond farewell to the server that helped us through the pandemic. 

Cavinder twins announce departure from Miami basketballSurely not the last we've heard from the NIL pioneers.

Can't Miss Clips

The LeBron James method of corporate trainingEvery day is game day on the sales floor. 

Jake Paul talks Floyd Mayweather altercationThey don't call him "Money" for nothing. 

The art of being a package thiefWould hate to be on this guy's bad side. 

Business & Entrepreneurship

Super Mario Bros. movie breaks box office recordsHope nobody gets a blue shell. 

Biden Administration weighs possible AI regulationGet your brainstorm prompts in while you can. 

Bosses are encouraging employees to lean into social mediaOr: why your entire TikTok feed is "a day in the life" of a finance professional.