Night Light | VidCon's Value

Reed of the Week

VidCon is always one of my favorite weekends of the year. It’s great to see clients, creators, and friends from around the industry. This year things felt different though, and I noticed a number of changes that have me thinking about how the convention has changed post-Covid.

Here are the biggest changes I saw at VidCon:

1️⃣ There’s more separation between creators and fans - outside of meet and greets, you won’t see creators roaming the halls or outside hotels

2️⃣ The main conference hall wasn’t as packed as it was in the past - TikTok and swipe content doesn’t create the same level of fandom as long-form

3️⃣ There was a lot more emphasis on growth hacking and optimizing short-form, less talk about just making better videos

4️⃣ The Dream SMP crew is still packing the house - Dream meet and greet and Banter Live were some of the biggest events this year

I realize that conventions change over time—and it should change with the times—but we can’t forget that community and fan interaction was why VidCon became popular in the first place

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