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Reed of the Week

Late Wednesday night Meta launched Threads, marking the next chapter in the feud between Musk and Zuckerburg. While we may not get the fight we’ve all been waiting for (Zuck would have won), at least we can watch them take jabs at each other in the form of really mid memes:

In my experience, competition between similar apps is good for creators and users in general. We’ve seen Kick spend big money to lure streamers away from Twitch, and TikTok/YouTube Shorts introduced new monetization features in recent months. After using the app for a few hours I noticed that in general people are having a positive experience on Threads, even though it lacks some of the features of a Twitter clone. Expect to see some quick feature updates on both Twitter and Threads.

Threads has seen more than 70 million new users in under 2 days. It’s no surprise that Twitter could be suing Threads over stealing their IP and hiring former Twitter employees. I don’t think anyone had a new Twitter clone from Meta on their 2023 Bingo card, but I’m excited to see if Threads continues to maintain its userbase.

Also Jimmy was the first account to 1 million 🚀

Creator News

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Business & Entrepreneurship

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