Night Light | Rumble Doesn't Fumble

Reed of the Week

A few weeks ago we wrote about new streaming platforms for creators wanting to livestream. After looking at the Kai ‘N Speed Show numbers it’s clear that Rumble is more than viable. The duo’s first stream saw 133,000 concurrent viewers at peak, and 4,000,000 views in total.

Kai and Speed exploded in 2022, winning awards and becoming some of the biggest streamers on Twitch and YouTube. While they each rose to relevance as solo acts, they’re now capitalizing on big collaborations at the height of their popularity.

We’ve been seeing a lot of collabs in the creator space, KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime, Aphmau and Unspeakable teaming up on JuiceBlox, and David Beckham and Shaq joining forces under the same studio to name a few. Joint ventures - with real ownership and long-term incentives for the creators involved - continue to prove to be an excellent use of time and cultural relevance for artists in our industry. Excited for episode 2 of the show, as long as it doesn’t crash the site again.

Creator News

Sidemen opening locations for fried chicken concept
The latest creator play in “Chick”-and-mortar, am I right?

George Janko moves on from imPaulsive
Dana White will soon announce UFC 289: Janko vs. Paul.

Can't Miss Clips

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Dropping Twitch off for good.

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Property damage abound at CrunchLabs summer offering.

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Aspiration is a powerful thing.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Entering the era of podcast mergers
Serial, now hosted by Joe Rogan.

MasterClass slashing price to attract new users
Time to learn 33% more for my dollar.

Disney and Comcast’s battle over Hulu
As long as they don’t touch my ESPN/Disney+/Hulu bundle.