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Night Light | Oliver Tree & KSI FLOPPED

Reed of the Week


My favorite thing I've seen this week has been the social media tour that KSI and Oliver Tree have been on to promote their new single, "Voices." From Oliver jokingly referring to it as "the worst song he's ever worked on," to KSI's choice of Oliver's forehead tattoo, this has been a great example of how to use social and digital to promote a song release.

Creators have authentic communities and see high conversion rates when they promote their products. Traditionally, most musicians don't build the same communities on the Internet. I believe the next generation of music stars will be those that are digitally native who build audiences similar to YouTubers or TikTokers. The potential for crossover between music and digital is huge, and it's great to see collaborations like this at the forefront of the creator news cycle.

The amount of music being uploaded to Spotify is seeing insane growth, so the key issue for musicians will still be discoverability. It only makes sense that tapping into the massive platforms of the top content creators today is becoming the best way to break out. I also think we'll continue to see more and more creators make the switch to music on their own as well, as seen recently by KSI, IShowSpeed, and others. This will all have a really interesting impact on the existing music industry as it continues to play out.

Creator News

Airrack creates world's largest pizza68,000 slices, or roughly enough for every person who attends VidCon to get one.

Green brothers, ASU, and Google launch YouTube-to-College pipelineAnother byproduct of a succeeding creator economy. I love seeing initiatives toward legitimizing content as a career in our education system.

Danny Duncan releases a Chia Pet of himselfChia Pets are still a thing? They are now.

Can't Miss Clips

Hype House sued for property damages at LA mansionThe house doesn't seem so hype anymore, unfortunately.

[adult swim] cuts ties with Rick and Morty creator, give this guy the jobImagine having to recast 80% of voice talent in a show...

The life-changing power of creator monetizationStories like these are why I love working in the digital space.

Business & Entrepreneurship

TikTok employees can control which posts go viralInteresting for this to come to light right after YouTube's announcement of their investment in short-form. A category to watch in the coming weeks.

YouTube shorts to get thumbnail and analytics supportShortForm Week continues in advance of Shorts monetization's Feb 1st go-live date. Cool tools for a growing section of YouTube's user-base.

Amazon, retail listings playing into live shopping trendSurreal to see a TikTok display stand in a big box retailer. I think legacy brands are smart to use short-form shopping to capture Gen Z's share of wallet.