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Reed of the Week

It’s crazy what NELK has been able to accomplish with Happy Dad seltzer in the last two years. Since their founding in June 2021, the seltzer has sold more than 72,000,000 cans, scaled to 70 employees, and generated $120,000,000 in sales over the lifespan of the product (reportedly 6M 12-packs at $20). Couldn’t be more happy for them.

I think the best creator brands are the ones where talent are genuinely excited to promote. Logan and KSI are always doing activations with PRIME, Jimmy does the best branded content on YouTube for Feastables, and the Full Send team has done an incredible job using their podcast to grow Happy Dad. When Jimmy was on Full Send Podcast, I remember them spending a lot of time setting up the cases perfectly for the camera angles.

If you want to make it as a creator-led brand, you have to understand the market. Happy Dad’s retro branding and flavor list fit perfectly with their college-aged demographic. If you look through the comments of John’s tweet it looks like Happy Dad is expanding a lot in the next few weeks, keep an eye out.

Creator News

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Business & Entrepreneurship

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