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We all knew this wasn’t going to go over well

Let’s talk about college football.

Florida State got snubbed last weekend. Even Senator Rick Scott called for full transparency behind the decision. The only thing I keep thinking is why the NCAA is involved in any of this. It’s very obvious to me that college football is its own business. They need to have their own league, entities, and governing body.

Florida never stops keeping things interesting

They should treat it like a larger business. What happened to FSU should be something that the current league can move on the fly. There easily could have been a larger playoff implemented on Sunday morning. The NCAA is an old organization, I don’t think they understand—or ever understood—the best way to deal with situations like this. Honestly, I think the NCAA should be thrown to the side.

It’s that easy

Share the billions of dollars from revenue, create a collective bargaining system like in the NFL, and let someone rep the players. Break away from the NCAA and create a governing body. I also agree that bringing in former and current players to represent the new league would be a solid idea.

Here's a hot take. I think if you spun out the Power Five conferences into its own governing body and league, it's worth significantly more than the NFL.

Oh also Trump had a few things to say…

“We live where you vacation”

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