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Reed of the Week

I think most people working in the creator economy understand that creators start by building a community, then eventually leverage their audience to sell products and merchandise. It's a proven way for creators of varying sizes and content to generate revenue. 

I came across a tweet a few days ago about the effect of toy sales on media franchise revenue, and I felt it can also be applied to the creator economy. 

For many of our creators with young audiences - like Aphmau and LankyBox - this comes in the form of toy sales based on original characters they've created. For Jimmy, it comes in the form of Feastables where the Willy Wonka tie-in is authentic to the type of content he creates. As for other creators, it can be a variety of CPG products, services, and collectibles.

If the product is authentic to the type of content you create, it will appeal to your audience. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few of our creators on this list in the next 5 years. 

Creator News

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