Night Light | Higher Bars, Faster Cars

I just got back from London where I attended the Sidemen Charity Match. It was great to see so much Night representation: Jimmy, Kai, Karl, Duke, LazarBeam and Tareq (nice goal). Who would have thought that the Sidemen would go from 15,000 people in their first live event to selling out an entire stadium of 60,000 people?

The stats from this year were crazy:

⚽️ $3 million raised for charity (compared to $1.3 million last year)
⚽️ 60K attendance (double from last year)
⚽️ 2.7M peak concurrent viewers on YouTube
⚽️ 20M total YouTube views

The same weekend in France, 60,000 people showed up to watch YouTubers and streamers compete in a Formula 4 race called the GP Explorer. At one point they even had 1.4M concurrent viewers on Squeezie’s channel. I wasn’t able to watch because I was at the soccer game, but it was another massive live event that people have probably never heard of in the States.

Creators are pushing the envelope, expanding outside of just making YouTube videos into live events. It seems like each year they manage to raise more money, attract new viewers, and sell out more tickets. Excited to see how these events change in the future as more and more creators turn to big events like these.

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