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Running a Chocolate Bar Company Is Harder Than You Think

Last month I traveled down to Peru (video here 👀) to tour where our Feastables chocolate is made. The entire process from the harvesting of the cacao pod down to the chocolate being poured into the MrBeast molds all takes place in Peru. One thing we found that’s really interesting is that from bean to bar it takes only 45 days to see a finished and wrapped product.

Aside from being bit by a few questionable bugs in the Amazon, I ended up really enjoying Peru and I learned so much more about the chocolate industry than I expected. One thing creators don’t understand is how complex the supply chain is for CPG companies like Feastables. Theres so many moving pieces just to get a chocolate bar made and shipped to the states. It takes a massive team of people all working diligently on the same goal to make this happen. From the outside it looks like just another creator-led product, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Extremely proud of the work that Machu Picchu Foods and the Feastables teams do daily.

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