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Reed of the Week

In the last few weeks we’ve seen Threads become the first app to 100M downloads, Twitch announced its discovery feed, and now Twitter is paying out its creators through its ad-revenue sharing model.

Twitter is monetizing the ads in a user’s replies, meaning the bigger the conversation you create, the more ad impressions you’re going to get. If I know anything about tweets with replies longer than a CVS receipt, it’s that controversial tweets tend to reign supreme. You’re not getting paid from likes, so in this case you’d actually want to get ratio’d to make more money. I’ve even seen people calling to stop replying to certain people on Twitter they disagree with so that they don’t get them a higher payout. On brand Twitter 👍

And in true Jimmy fashion, he tweeted this out today:

That’s more than 150K replies to this tweet. Jimmy is always one step ahead when it comes to taking advantage of new features, another common MrBeast W.

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