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Feastables: Look Good, Taste Good

Over the last 8 months, the Feastables team has been working tirelessly to roll out the brand-new chocolate bars, currently available in Walmarts across America. The branding has been redone, the formula is new and improved, and the bar mold is completely different. I want to share with you all a little more about what all went into the all-new Feastables bars.

The Branding

The Feastables team spent a considerable amount of time ideating on concepts, colors, and a new logo. The first thing you notice when looking at the bar is that the color is not only completely different, but consistent across the whole portfolio. Whether it’s milk chocolate or peanut butter, the color doesn’t change. We went with the light blue that Jimmy has used on his channel for as long as I can remember.

The second thing you notice is that the logo is completely different. We went from Feastables being a secondary mark (more of an afterthought), to the primary mark and center of the bar. It still has the MrBeast logo, but Feastables is now the focal point. Feastables is the brand, and Jimmy is the driving force of the brand.

The old milk chocolate bar (left) compared to the new bar (right)

The third big change is that the bar is now horizontal instead of vertical. In Walmart and grocery aisles the bars still stand vertically, but over time, the majority of bars are going to lay flat. The logo is also much bigger on a horizontal bar.

The Feastables team did extensive research in stores to come up with what we thought would stand out the most. When we walked through the candy aisle, we realized that only a few colors make up the majority of the shelf. Obviously, Reese’s has their iconic orange, Hershey’s uses brown, and Kit Kat and M&Ms dominate red and yellow. We knew that the MrBeast blue would help us stand out on shelves.

It’s fun to browse the candy aisle and act like a kid again.

The Formula

I had the chance to travel down to Peru last year, to learn about cacao sourcing, distribution, and fulfillment. One observation was that there’s only a small amount of organic chocolate produced every year. We also weren’t entirely happy with the taste of the original bar. We started with organic dark chocolate, but wanted to change the formula to get a creamier, tastier, and softer bar.

I can’t stop eating these.

The Mold

The team knew that the bar needed to get thicker and more durable. Having a thicker bar also would allow us to insert more fillings like peanut butter (more fillings coming in the future). The first chocolate bar also didn’t have any break lines. If you wanted a piece, it would shatter randomly.

The new bar (right) is thicker, has break points, and is much softer.

Feastables is one of the most touched products in all of Walmart. When your bar is incredibly thin with no break lines, it leads to some issues where bars break on shelves easier.

The old bars (left) can’t be packed with as much filling like the new bars (right).

The Big Takeaway:

We’ve been relying on some incredible people in the industry to make Feastables the best product and experience that it can be. It’s amazing what the team has been able to do in less than a year, and I can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for you in 2024. They’re already in Walmart, tell us how we did.

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