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Feastables Lookin’ Different

Over the last 10 months we’ve been working hard on getting more placements of the new Feastables bars in Walmarts all across America. As we roll out more product into stores, you’ll notice a few more changes to how the bars are grouped together, appear on shelves, and where they can be found in the store.

Catch me packing my lunch in a Feastables lunch box.

Why are Changes Happening?

When you compare the new Feastables placement to the old one, immediately you’ll notice changes.

Less product, less noticeable, less space (sad)

A lot of the frustration in the past came from Feastables being single-facing in-aisle which led to product being sold out too quickly.

More space = more product in stores = more people trying Feastables

Multipack SKUs

Multipack SKUs are now available in stores. 5-pack 35g bars are available in peanut butter and milk chocolate, and 60g variety packs. We needed an option for consumers to buy more than a singular bar. Variety packs allow buyers to trial new flavors and top SKUs. I’m not surprised that our top SKUs are peanut butter, milk chocolate, and crunch.

4-foot Front of Store in Trending Section, and Lunch Boxes

You’ll notice if you walk into a Walmart that the section that used to be “As Seen on TV” is turning into popular items on the internet. Now the aisle features Guga Foods’ griddle kit and the Dude Perfect Tic-Tac-Toe game. Feastables is becoming one of the biggest facing products there, with 4 feet on multiple shelves. I would imagine that there will be more creator products in this section in the future.

Nothing like a burger cooked to perfection.

The Big Takeaway

Changes are coming to the way Feastables will appear in Walmart. There was a method to the madness and why we focused on getting the placements in the store that we did. At the end of the day, the more space and product that we have in stores, the more you all are able to get your hands on Feastables.

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Austin Karp | Sports Business Journal

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