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Night Light | Fortnite Bets All Their V-Bucks

Reed of the Week

Fortnite announced its new creative mode, featuring updated building tools, better community engagement, and creator monetization. This shift opens up limitless user generated possibilities and new ways to play the game. Everyone wins, players can monetize the experiences they create, and Fortnite doesn't spend any resources innovating its game.

The transition hasn't been perfect though. Epic is running into copyright issues from the maps that its user base is building. Activision has been serving DMCA claims to creators who make Call of Duty maps. This is likely going to be an ongoing issue for creative platforms, but I think the popularity of these experiences presents a good case study for why Fortnite is betting all its V-Bucks on this new business model. Besides copyright issues, Creative 2.0 has a lot going for it:

➕ Great incentives: players benefit from creating experiences, and Epic spends far less on excellent maps and development

➕ Keeps the game fresh: Battle Royale games won't last forever, the community helps evolve the game to how they want to play the game 

➕ Deepens community: nothing builds community better than giving creator tools to players and let them run with it

Creator News

ZHC and Bill Gates team up for donation driveWow, who knew Bill Gates could draw so well.

Danny Duncan joins 16 HandlesTheir next big flavor: Virginity Rocky Road.

Can't Miss Clips

Ninja on why Mixer failedCreator ease of use makes all the difference. 

The first Multi-lingual Minecraft serverReal-time translation represents a huge step for player connectivity. 

Business & Entrepreneurship

Is the Creator Economy cooling?Why lower venture spend does not mean less economic activity. 

Buzzfeed is publishing AI-generated articlesHow far is too far when it comes to generative use cases in media? 

UFC and WWE merge under Endeavor holding companyTalent representation continues to be de-emphasized in favor of IP control.