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As they’ve done the past couple years, Forbes released their ranked list of top creators for 2023. Probably no surprise that MrBeast topped the list (and has already given his own editorial feedback on Twitter), which measured creators along the axes of earnings, followers, engagement, and a metric they’ve dubbed “entrepreneurship score.” A number of other Night creators, including Kai Cenat and Dream, joined Jimmy in the article as well.

I think it’s interesting to make note of the emphasis on entrepreneurship throughout the article. Each of the top 8 creators - Jimmy, Jake Paul, KSI, Rhett + Link, Charli D’Amelio, Logan Paul, F*ckJerry, and Emma Chamberlain - have robust entrepreneurial endeavors that creative positive synergies with their content. Their content drives people to consume the products they create, and in-turn the proceeds from their products can be fed straight back into the content production budget. Many of these top creators have media companies, CPG empires, and investment vehicles, and I think as we continue seeing creator influence grow, we will see a larger percentage of the top creators indexing heavily on entrepreneurship. Looking forward to a great year ahead in the creator space.

Creator News 

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Business & Entrepreneurship

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