Night Light | Deep Fake Scam Ads, Sigh

Reed of the Week

One topic I've been super plugged in to recently is the increased discussion of AI deepfakes and what platforms are doing to regulate them. This week, a video of Joe Rogan promoting a libido supplement went viral and was pumped to millions of views via a paid Spark campaign on TikTok. It turns out it was a deepfake which sparked a ton of debate over AI ethics and their potential use in consumer scams.

It is interesting to note what platforms are doing to combat misinformation. Twitter uses content flags below tweets to point out when posts arent . YouTube uses a combination of user reports and machine learning to take down videos with high degrees of misleading content. Instagram allows users to flag and fact-check questionable content. TikTok however, has done very little to deal with misinformation, only removing videos now when they're pressured by the public.

This isn't an isolated incident either, as brands using shady methods to promote products seems to be on the rise in 2023. Elon Musk was the subject of a similar deepfake in early January that saw his AI counterpart marketing a drop shipping business. Similarly, brands have been using TikTok's duet feature to get around IP strikes that would normally prohibit them from using copyrighted content.

While a more complete solution has to come from platforms that distribute digital media, I think it's important for consumers to be wary in the meantime about the validity of content that they consume.

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