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Night Light | Creators Are Kicking Twitch

Reed of the Week

Earlier this week, a few members of AMP hinted that their time on Twitch may be coming to an end. Kai Cenat, the platform's biggest streamer, has been teasing a move to Kick for awhile now, and that another Twitch ban would mean him leaving the platform for good. In a similar vein, BruceDropEmOff tweeted a potential hint about a move to Kick after his latest ban. Outside of AMP, David Dobrik, Adin Ross, Hikaru Nakamura and other streamers have made the switch to Kick.

Twitch and YouTube have spent less and less on streaming deals with creators while Kick is winning over talent by negotiating flexible, non-exclusive deals with popular channels. In the past when talent were looking for a streaming deal, their options were exclusive deals with Twitch and YouTube or no deal at all. I think the addition of a talent-friendly option benefits creators massively. 

Creator News

Sidemen partner with Viewture on content licensing dealA lesson in getting the most out of your content. 

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Nyanners speaks out on VShojo exitWhy many of the world's top VTubers are leaving the agency. 

Can't Miss Clips

iShowSpeed gets blocked by Lionel MessiSpeed is right about one thing: Messi has seen him. 

Business & Entrepreneurship

Nearly half of YouTube's viewership is on TVCord cutting in a different way. 

TikTok partners with top publishers on 'Pulse Premiere'The platform is offering brand-safe ad spots to better work with big-name publishers. 

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