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Night Light | Creators Are Going Global in 2023

Reed of the Week

How dubs are globalizing YouTube CreatorsIf you've been watching MrBeast's content lately, you may have noticed that his videos are fully dubbed in 11 languages. YouTube launched a beta channel integration that allows you to add multiple audio tracks and subtitled languages to a single video. Jimmy talked about the benefits of the new product offering here:

I've been thinking a lot about the way subtitling and dubbing will help creators reach a global audience. Beyond growing globally, the multi-language support has other added benefits:

➕ 15% of watch time comes from non-primary language viewers

➕ Increases international retention - videos start with native language dub

➕ Expands potential reach 5X - 6X

➕ Supercharges your new videos and existing catalogue with a ton of new viewers

We've been seeing the shift to globalized content for awhile now, and other platforms would be smart to implement similar features. To me, looking beyond domestic markets is key to sustaining growth in the long term. Every creator should be building their brand internationally.

Creator News

Ninja joins GamesSquare as Chief Innovation OfficerHe'll need to sell a lot of skins to go cash flow positive.

Jake Paul vs Tommy FuryThe winner-take-all fight should live up to the hype.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

TikTok launches creator fundThe 'Creativity Program' looks to offer more consistent payouts and revenue transparency.

Are synthetic influencers here to stay?Brands looking for their own Mickey Mouse are turning to digital.

FutureMood launches podcast with Lil YachtyA Moody Conversation will feature Drake as the first guest.