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Reed of the Week

How MrBeast keeps winning fansEvery year, Fast Company releases its annual 50 most innovative companies list. Typically, companies include tech startups disrupting the status quo, legacy brands entering uncharted territory, and CPG companies offering innovative products to consumers. Looking at the list this year, however, one name stands out:MrBeast.

To my knowledge, this is the first time an individual person - rather than a corporation - has appeared on their list. Jimmy had a big year with Feastables, MrBeastBurger, and crossing over 100M subs. His content undeniably drives growth in his other business ventures. My feeling is that we've only scratched the surface of what creators and their communities can accomplish with the proper investment.His inclusion on this list validates the notion that creators can build and grow legitimate businesses. I have no doubt that 2023 will be bigger for creator businesses than 2022, and we're excited to show all that Night and our talent have in store.

Creator News

Kai Cenat breaks Twitch subscriber recordA legend making legendary moves. Great to see Kai get his flowers.

Dodgers' Mookie Betts launches YouTube channelThe athlete-to-content creator pipeline is happening fast.

YouTube banned Steve from Nelk BoysThe perils of becoming a YouTube undesirable are really tough.

Can't Miss Clips

Artificial Intelligence AnimeWe can finally have any crossover event we have ever dreamed of.

The story of Rizu TazumiThe tech behind Twitch's VTuber revolution.

Korea's live stream retail revolutionOnline shopping going offline.

Business & Entrepreneurship

TikTok limiting teenage users to 60 minutes per dayThat's 288 average length TikToks for anyone doing the math at home.

IOC announces 2023 Olympic Esports seriesThe only event that's missing is SSX Tricky.

YouTube Music moves into podcastsMaybe Spotify should move into video content...