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Night Light | ChatGPT Did NOT Write This

Reed of the Week

No, AI is not going to totally disrupt the content creation process... yetI've had a lot of people reach out to me in the past week interested to hear how accessible AI platforms like ChatGPT and Lensa will interact with the Creator Economy. Some believe AI will be able to come in and replace creative strategists, copywriters, thumbnail designers, etc. on creator teams. Since I've seen some stuff on Twitter to this point, I decided to take a look myself. My learning was that we are probably still a good bit of time away from AI being able to do this at a very high level. It takes too much work to get the kind of response you want, specificity of input matters too much as it relates to opaque, creative thinking, and I didn't really get any ideas or answers that felt very outside the box. As an example, I had the AI generate some thumbnail prompts for a MrBeast + Fortnite video:

Here are a few suggestions from me to get the most out of ChatGPT if you want to use it for yourself:Be specific: you can tell it how long you want it to be, topics to avoid, and how many responses you want it to generate.

Use available information to train the AI: add relevant information to the post to keep the AI focused, using the example above I could have added a detailed explanation of what the MrBeast x Fortnite challenge is to help the AI get even closer.Learn how to write a prompt it can work with: There are limitations to what it's able to do, instead of asking "create 3 thumbnails" ask "what would 3 thumbnails look like if...".

Ask the same question multiple times: Every output is different and it seems to learn from the questions you ask. Try asking the same question a few times in different ways.

Creator News

Jacksepticeye's 'Thankmas' charity stream raises over $10 millionCharity streams and philanthropic initiatives show the power of creator communities. Raising over $10M for charity is huge, hope to see a lot more like this in the next few weeks.

Haley Bieber launches new YouTube cooking seriesHigh production value, huge talent, and a content vertical that should lead to big brand interest. Excited to see how this one plays out.

Ludwig's Chessboxing event breaks all time viewership recordWith more than 3M total viewers tuning in and 315K peak concurrent viewers Ludwig's Chessboxing was a YouTube milestone event. We've seen a lot of big livestream events on YouTube draw huge crowds and attract big advertisers. I think we'll see more large-scale YouTube live productions from creators in the future.

Can't Miss Clips

MrBeast gains 100 million views in 24 hoursEvery Monday is the Super Bowl on Jimmy's channel.

Instagram releases trend report for 2023Cultural and social trends, curated by Instagram's Gen Z user base.

If everyone had a NeuralinkA glimpse into the future?

Business & Entrepreneurship

Nation's youth mourn TikTok's 100th potential ban by governmentThere it is. Senate legislation already removed the app from government devices, but the path to a nationwide ban is much longer. Smart move for YouTube to double down on Shorts in the meantime.

Apple allowing third party app storesCommission-less purchasing is a huge consumer win for digital marketplaces. Excited to see the impact this has on the development side as well. Maybe a more interesting investment value prop for creators too?

New Instagram updates include BeReal clone, AIM statusInstagram has a long history of trying to do too much as a social platform. It took stories from Snapchat, created Reels from TikTok, and is now reworking BeReal's main feature into Candid Stories. It's possible that all this clutter may not be well received by the original userbase.