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I feel like within the last few years the word authenticity has been thrown around a lot when looking at how to approach content creation. “Just be relatable.” Early social media trends rewarded influencers who flexed their status and wealth on platforms, then came creators like Emma Chamberlain who flipped that on its head and chose to show sides of themselves that resonated more with how everyone was feeling at the time.

Tiktok has made it easy for Gen Z to show every aspect of their life. I think there’s a good case for why the pendulum may be swinging back to aspiration, as younger creators begin to curate their life around chasing success and personal goals. Jimmy is spending millions per video, Alix Earle touts her “hot mess” fast-paced lifestyle, and Kim Kardashian continues to break shapewear records with SKIMS.

Although we may see aspiration return fully to the creator meta, it doesn’t mean that relatability is out. I don’t believe relatable content will ever go away, in fact, I think it’s how most creators will begin. It’s just not the only way to present yourself anymore.

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