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MrBeast passes 200 million subscribers on YouTube

Jimmy recently passed 200 million subscribers on YouTube. He did this 18 months after hitting 100 million, which took him 10 years to get to from the time he launched his channel in 2012.

This is the fastest that any channel has gained 100 million subs. It took Jimmy only 50% of the time it took T-Series to gain 100 million, and by our estimates we’d expect Jimmy to be at 300M by fall of 2024.

Shoutout to @MrBeast_Stats on Twitter

Now Jimmy has his sights on becoming the most subscribed channel in the world. Already he’s growing at a much quicker rate than T-Series, and Social Blade data estimates that both channels should be nearing 270M subscribers in April or May of 2024.

A lot of people had asked me what the biggest reasons were for the exponential growth, and I think it comes down to 3 main factors:

1️⃣ Fully dubbing his content (new and old) in more than 15 languages for international viewers. We noticed almost immediately that our demographics were changing and a whole new audience was discovering his content.

2️⃣ Making videos that appeal to a broad global audience like "$1 vs $1M Hotel," "Every Country on Earth Fights For $250K." International audiences understand cars, hotels and planes, and these latest videos have been doing incredibly well.

3️⃣ Focusing on other platforms outside of YouTube like his TikTok and Instagram. In the last year Jimmy has made more content specifically for Reels, TikTok and Shorts.

Can’t wait to see Jimmy take the #1 spot next year.

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